how to make a basket out of old papers

basket weaving with newspaper.looks like fun, except I have more boxes of basket weaving supplies than old newspapers! Wouldn't make sense to buy the Sunday NY Times just to make a basket,,,or would it?


Old CD/DVD cases = ribbon storage! What a smart idea! Finally something to do with all those CD holders.

How to Attach Satin Blanket Binding.

Attaching Satin Blanket Binding - I almost always use a satin binding on a baby quilt, parents always tell me how much their child loves to run the satin between their fingers.

make it from newspaper!

Gift bags made from newspaper?Nah I don't care about making the gift bag but you might and that is cool. I will buy some colored bags, but I like the doily idea on top. Cute treat bags or holiday gift bags.

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