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Baked Pumpkin Donuts
Roscón de Reyes paso a paso   http://www.pequerecetas.com/receta/receta-de-roscon-de-reyes-casero-paso-a-paso/
Heladas de Tequila y Mango con chile y limón
hamburger di ceci - nella cucina di laura
Tortilla di Patate
Come fare le Caramelle alla Curcuma Antinfiammatorie e Golose. - http://frasideilibri.com/come-fare-caramelle-alla-curcuma-antinfiammatorie-golose/
Lo sciroppo alla curcuma è uno sciroppo miracoloso, molto gustoso a base di miele e curcuma e dalle mille virtù. Vediamo la ricetta
Churros spagnoli
Frying or baking eggs...in the pepper rings or onion rings or avocado  half or toast ring or hollowed out tomato/potato...so many ways to make eggs yummier and fun
Le conserve di luglio: il meglio dell’orto in vasetto

Altre idee
A modern italian recipe. #Pasta with pesto sauce and fresh #mozzarella cheese.
Shelley Hillman in Italy gives us the second wave of figs, the smaller, but much, much sweeter, the protagonists of my #tiramisu today.
In my country there are various versions. This does not have the tomato among the ingredients. His name .... #spaghetti con le vongole
pollo al melograno
Millefeuille with shrimp and cinnamon
A cake modern, born from my imagination and using the technique of the great Italian pastry chef Luca Montersino. His name? #Cake Mojito. Bavarian mint flavor and rum and completed with a jelly with lime.
Recetario de Ensaladas gratis: http://www.recetascomidas.com/recetas-ensaladas - #recetas #recipes #gratis #libro
A classic Italian cuisine, #risotto alla parmigiana.  Typical recipe from northern regions of Italy, has really conquered Italy and is considered an elegant dish.
Anita Martin kids eat mostly "eyes", then here is a starter made with cream cheese taste olives or #smoked salmon black olives and green olives to form our bees....and you're done. http://www.cocina.es/blogs/italiaautentica/
Teresa O'Day's recipe is from the Umbria region and in particular is from a town called "Giove". #Fettuccine primavera.