Anastasiya Polovtseva

Anastasiya Polovtseva

16 years old|Otaku|BTS|Melanie Martinez|Cosplay|Videogames|Italy🇮🇹
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So very true, taehyung is both. He's an alien wherever he is. He's a very dedicated alien :)

minyo129 ♡happy 8th anniversary SHINee!♡

Relatable Jimin XD

This is our fandom!! Welcome To SHINee World!!! <3

WAR OF HORMONE (real war ver.) BTS: XD they censored Rap Monster's Tummy but not V's boxers seriously i cried laughing it was to much bagtan TUT

Evil maknae #Taemin #sataenism #brat

Key's selfie... omg it's friggin beautiful... most gorgeous pic I've seen of him...

First,how did he get that fish and what even is this boy???<<< Duh! He is the GOLDEN makenae he can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

Taeeeemiiiin you are the sweetest boy in the world!!! Oh my God!

Awww BTS X SHINEE! that's so cute... I just love to see different bands interacts like this! ( and then we still have fanwars) :/