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the bed is made and ready for someone to use it as a nightstand or night stand
il letto matrimoniale preparato per la notte con profumati sacchetti di lavanda.
watercolor painting of an old farm house with a bucket in the foreground and a plane flying overhead
an arrangement of flowers in a wooden vase on a table next to a window sill
Calendula e ultima rosa d’autunno
a cat laying on the ground surrounded by apples
two open doors with the view of trees outside and bushes in front of them on a sunny day
a straw hat sitting next to a basket filled with broccoli
two windows are lit up in the dark
a large field full of green grass and red flowers
I primi papaveri
the house is surrounded by trees and flowers
La fioritura della valeriana rubra in Aprile
a room with a chair, table and lamp in it
la terrazza per la colazione estiva
a large field full of sunflowers under a cloudy sky
I girasoli di Agosto
a bed sitting under a wooden ladder in a bedroom
a room with a bed, desk and ladder
a wooden bench sitting next to a table filled with fruit and vegtables
an old house is silhouetted against the evening sky with pink and blue clouds in the background