Joan Miro was an artist who didn't subscribe to any artistic label. Learn more about this incredibly talented artist with these Joan Miro Projects for Kids.

10 Awesome Joan Miro Projects for Kids

Want to teach kids about art history or different art movements? A great way to introduce a famous artist is through their work and what better way then to have them make it? 10 Joan Miro art Projects perfect for kindergarten process art!

Juan Miro, est un peintre espagnol dont les oeuvres permettent de travailler "A la manière de" sans perdre de vue l'oeuvre originale. Les couleurs et le graphisme utilisés par ce peintre, donnent aux jeunes...

Joan Miro - Bailarina II, it is sometimes difficult to piece out a picture of art done by Miro.

Joan Miro | joan_miro.jpg

Playful paintings of Joan Miro inspire studio experiences in creative schools (photo via Montmartre, LA BOHEMIA)