Colori caldi e freddi

Warm/cool Great for a table folder project

Gr. 3: Spheres in Space | WEST MIDDLETON ART SMARTIES, construction paper collage

Spheres in space, abstract construction paper collage. Fun for younger kids that teaches shape, balance, and color.

Farfalline di pasta dipinte

Make bow-tie noodle butterflies craft.

Leuke oefening voor de fijne motoriek

Fine motor and patterns



Trier les gommettes selon leur forme

Trier les gommettes selon leur forme Plus

9 x 9 pezzi abiti. Solo un esempio delle centinaia di abiti si può fare dalla capsula guardaroba minimalista armadio Challenge!

How to Dress Better with the Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge

9 pieces x 9 outfits. Just a sampling of the hundreds of outfits you can make from the Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge capsule wardrobe! {A nice way to build a base wardrobe that you can embellish with expressive accessories!

Meraviglioso kit Montessoriano per sviluppare la motricità fine. Impara ad imparare. #sviluppocognitivo

Cutting is an important, yet difficult, skill for preschoolers. It’s helpful to have a Montessori-inspired paper cutting activity available to encourage your preschooler's mastery of cutting.

Calendario tempo

Calendario tempo -5teEhQYmeU0 ViXZlAU2AvI AAAAAAAAFb8 USkuo0s6has s1600 4.jpg

Create a large abacus on the wall for counting beads. Use braille numbers on the print number cards. A hands-on, life-size inclusive math activity for kids!

add and subtraction on the floor with hula hoops and balls

add and subtraction on the floor with hula hoops and balls - great idea for missing addends

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Maybe a little too much of the same color with all the brown and the shoes are a little high for me, but overall a great look. Stitch Fix: LOVE the chocolate brown color! Shirt style is flattering too.

Ancora ispirazioni che arrivano dal mare

Art Lesson - Doodle Landscape - Elements of Art Project - Pattern Landscapes

4 Monkeys studio offers Saturday morning art classes to children, summer camps, 'Ladies Nights Out' and birthday parties. Lessons include a broad range of mediums and subject matter.