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My EASY CHIC earrings

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simply chic with unusual materials!

Hydraulic seals,wooden beads and glass.Handmade by BarlumeManod'Opera.

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TERRA.Handmade by BarlumeManod'Opera with hydraulic seals and etnic beads.

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CIRCLE CIRCUS.Foam rubber,plastic and hydraulic seals.Handmade by BarlumeManod'Opera.

Coloured foam rubber and resine pearls.Handmade by BarlumeManod'Opera.

ARLEQUINE (retro).Coloured foam rubber and resine pearls. Handmade by BarlumeManod'Opera.

Hydraulic seals,rubber and cocktail straws.Earrings handmade by BarlumeManod'Opera.

Handmade by Barlume Manod'opera.

Handmade by Barlume Manod'opera.

Handmade by Barlume Manod'opera

FLAME.Hydraulic seals and copper wire. Handmade by BarlumeManod'Opera.