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an abstract black and white brochure with images on the bottom half of it
concept-fl-27.png by UI8
Portfolio design | Designer: Dash
an orange and black poster with the words dawo in it's center, on a white background
32678945886 × Der Gestaltingenieur
Der Gestaltingenieur — Nº 32678945886
an orange and blue poster with the sun in the background
Masters of Poster Design: i poster minimali di Jason Munn |
the physics of ping - pong by chuya miya at sosprio
II romanzo è diventato un inventario di banalità. Riflessioni - Pangea
Contro gli scrittori che contemplano il proprio ombelico e pubblicano romanzi che sono un inventario di banalità con la prosa di un bambino di seconda media. Ovvero: sul declino della narrativa letteraria
the cover of names for the sea strangers in iceland by sarah mousss
Book Covrs
Book cover design
the book walkable city how downtown can save america one step at a time by jeff speck
Books: Book Reviews, Book News, and Author Interviews
Allineamento giustificato: bellissimo giustificato che si inserisce perfettamente nell'immagine sottostante
a poster with colorful birds flying in the air and words that read ma laga cine
Festival de Málaga por calamargraphic
the poster for an upcoming concert
Japanese Exhibition Poster: Rising From A Night’s Sleep. Momoe Narazaki.
an advertisement for moderna museum with black and white squares in the middle, including letters
pipandco_jmelin_08111403.jpg 500×650 pixels
Moderna Museet
a red and pink circle with the letter f in it's center, surrounded by words that read swb from forum
Swiss Graphic Design
Swiss Graphic Design (possibly designed by Marcel Wyss 1962) - posted by Maryellen McFadden
an old book with blue lines on it
semicolon ; (repost)
Editorial design // Layout: Semicolon
blue dots are arranged on white paper with chinese writing in the middle and below them
These Tings Take Time
a poster with different colors and shapes on the front, as well as an image of a
unnamed_cxnv41ps6t.jpg (Image JPEG, 518x740 pixels)
the poster for rem with an image of a submarine
Gig Posters
R.E.M. - Modest Mouse - National, The
the cover of a book with an image of castles and rainbows in blue, green,
Book Cover
a black and white photo with lines in the middle that appear to be interlocked
grain editMark Gowing
an old russian poster with animals and other things
Minsk Circus - vintage russian poster
two people wearing futuristic clothing and helmets standing next to each other in front of an abstract background
German artist Michael Schmid’s retro-futuristic illustrations perfectly embody the 1970s obsession with interplanetary travel and treks through time.
an advertisement for the liberty camp fair 2012, with paper airplanes flying over tents and trees
Promotional Poster
Promotional Poster by Sui Tin Sung
an old poster with the words,'we are all in here '
Account Suspended
Vitamins For You & Malente The Hifi Club | Designer: Josh Ruck
a black and white poster with the words strict lines and stark times on it's side
Strict lines & stark times
Strict Lines & Stark Times
the poster for othello, which features an eye with blood dripping from it
- M-Dashing - 13 Shakespeare Posters
Othello by Denver Centre Theatre Company
the green paper trail info graphic
Tree to Consumer infographic / by Mike Lemanski
the silver livings playbook is shown with clouds floating from it's sides
Minimal Movie Posters: Photo
Silver Linings Playbook by Lauren Sullivan
a poster with the words marilyn written on it
Minimal Movie Posters
an image of a magazine cover with abstract shapes on the front and back covers in different colors
Graphic Design
35 years after / forward by Sébastien Nikolaou, via Behance