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Voodoo priestess at altar in New Orleans...beautifulest. We witches come in many different beautiful facets. Voodoo, Santeria, Gypsy, Bohemian, Vampire...oh its so beautiful! Blessed Be....Harm None!

Hoodoo Magick Rootwork: Vévé symbol. ;now I understand why my other half has sheep and goat skulls dotted about the place!

The Voodoo Code by on @deviantART

A table depicting various symbols of witchcraft and paganism with meanings

Ayizan veve as drawn by Sallie Ann Glassman (from New Orleans)-- I have this on my lower back. It was my very first tattoo!

Lighting a candle over a Veve A priestess lights a candle over a veve during a…

the world of interiors

how to make a headboard in one easy step. ada hamza.

the Acne Studios Gia sweater dress for Russh Magazine