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a book cover for game generators for teachers by baambooze, with cartoon characters
Best Game Generators for Teachers
🚀 Transform your classroom into an epic adventure with the latest in game generators! From the competitive buzz of #Kahoot to the creative coding journeys with #Scratch, and from the simplicity of #Educaplay to the teamwork triumphs in #QuizletLive, and don't forget #Bamboozle for a versatile quiz experience. 📚💡 Unlock the full potential of learning - make every lesson an engaging quest! 🌟 #EdTech #GameBasedLearning #Teachers #EducationInnovation #educatorstechnology
a white board with writing on it that says who would win? and two numbers are missing
The greatest fraction wins! This was a fun activity that my third graders did to practice comparing fractions. We did this after we covered same numerator comparisons and same denominator comparisons. 🖤 Students were broken up into groups and given a fraction. 🖤 They used their whiteboards to represent their fraction in multiple ways. 🖤 They also used the precut circles and strips on the board to represent their fraction. This is what they used to compare their fraction to another group’s ...
a sign that says when you enter this classroom you are a friend
It's not right. | Teacher classroom, Elementary classroom decor, Classroom goals
three stick on math problems cards sitting on top of a cork board
5 Problem Solving Strategies Bulletin Board (Free Download) - Math Tech Connections
5 Problem Solving Strategies Bulletin Board (Free Download) – Math Tech Connections
several colorful speech bubbles with words on them and some diced up pieces of paper
WOW Factor Back-To-School Bulletin Board Ideas For Teachers | A Plus Teaching Resources
the classroom wall is full of posters for students to use in their writing and spelling skills
Jillian Starr