6 Core Exercises for 6-Pack Abs

6 Core Exercises for Six-Pack Abs

Supercharge your ab training with these 4 advanced core six pack abs workout routine. This six pack abs workout routine are proven to get result fast.

5 minute plank - abs, obliques, workouts, exercises

Printable Workout to Customize and Print: Ultimate At-Home No Equipment Printable Workout Routine for Men and Women 2468 363 2 Helen Hanson Stitt Fitness InStyle-Decor Hollywood love it (Five Minutes Workout)

Lift Your Way to Sliced Abs with Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging Leg Raises (abs) -- A straight chinning bar works great for this exercise. You will hang from the bar during the exercise. If you have poor grip strength, you can use arm straps that attach to the chin bar to eliminate this problem.


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