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a woman riding a bike next to a bunch of items on a pink background with text
Infográfico Trajetória Pessoal
Behance :: Pesquisar
a drawing of a woman sitting in front of a blackboard with words on it
Scribing for Creative Morning
an advertisement for it's team, with the words just a regular in blue
an advertisement for the art and community museum in korea, with people walking around it
a poster showing how to create a vision for the post - crisis future
Sketchnotes_leadership — SCRIBERIA
a hand holding up a yellow sign that says secrets to successful creative road trip on it
Sketchnotes_creativity — SCRIBERIA
an illustrated poster with many different things in red and blue colors, including the words assembler
Jeremy Perrodeau
a poster with different types of furniture and words written in blue, red and white
Jeremy Perrodeau
Jeremy Perrodeau — Mooc Pompidou
an illustrated poster with different types of buildings and people around it, including a bus
the poster for an upcoming event in korea