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Professional Kitchen Equipment

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Equipment for restaurants and professional catering industry: stainless steel kitchens, combi ovens.

Catering, banqueting and show-cooking in just 60cm - Compact, easily transportable, quick to clean and only 60 cm deep, Concept is highly customisable to suit different service needs: from catering and banqueting to fast food and even show-cooking. Concept is composed of independent modules designed for heavy use and equipped with the K-tronic system for cutting energy consumption; it can be installed onto refrigerated or ambient counters.

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Cooking Range with one-piece work-top Fruit of Angelo Po's 90-year experience in the food service industry, it is the perfect solution for those searching for maximum sturdiness, hygiene and beauty both for main kitchens and open-style kitchens.

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Combi compact oven - In the context of combi ovens for professional food service, the FM 423 compact ovens are sturdy and reliable cooking appliances for à la carte food service or for cooking any type of food. They can be used on a table, under the stovetop or for private homes, in recessed solutions.

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From -40 to +300 degrees Celsius with a single touch - BE-1 is the integrated Cook & Chill system that allows you to manage, with a single interface, the combination oven Combistar FX Level 3 and the blast chiller/freezer Blitz. With BE-1 you can work with two top-of-the-line machines as if they were one, in a simple, intuitive and convenient way, thereby combining energy savings with the latest cook and chill technology, ease of use and versatility.

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In the heart of the kitchen Omega is the 110cm-deep cooking range designed to be situated in the centre of the kitchen, guaranteeing maximum work efficiency on all sides. The range's performance is ensured by its central positioning; Omega maximises space, combines high power with consumption reduction, lowers costs and holds a CSQA hygienic design certification that guarantees easy cleaning.

70cm deep, extreme modularity Gamma is a 70cm-deep compact kitchen offering superior performance and extreme modularity, available in over 140 models. Angelo Po cooking equipment is the only type available on the market to have attained a CSQA hygienic design certification; thanks to its design and structural features, cleaning times and chemical use are reduced by 20%.

The sturdy and essential combination oven The multifunctional combination oven Combistar BX is a heavy-duty machine that guarantees the optimal price-quality ratio. Digital, precise and equipped with cooking and heating programs, it can also be used with the innovative accessory to smoke/blacken. The cooking quality improves thanks to the APM active system, which automatically adjusts to induct the right amount of heat, second by second.

The combi oven that multiplies your cooking options - Combistar FX is the full line of state-of-the-art combination ovens that guarantees high quality and versatility in cooking together with ease of use and energy savings. The new functions that allow you to manage simultaneously up to 20 different cooking processes, the innovative accessories to smoke and pasteurize and the self-cleaning function, completely automatic and 100% safe.