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a street light sitting on the side of a road next to a body of water
an empty street next to the ocean with power lines in the air and buildings on both sides
an aerial view of the beach and city
an airplane is flying over the water at sunset or dawn with mountains in the background
Instagram photo by @neus_saiz
the sun is setting over some buildings by the water and mountains in the distance,
Instagram photo by @Luanna Zahle
the sun shines brightly in the blue sky over an empty circular area with steps leading to the ocean
Paseo marítimo de #Altea por @alteavictor
the stairs lead up to some white buildings
Instagram photo by @danielolmoboronat
an alley way leading to the ocean with white buildings and blue sky in the background
an alley way with stairs leading up to the water's edge and buildings on either side
HDmall: Pengiriman Obat & Booking Klinik | HDmall
Instagram photo by @j4mboo via #Altea #VisitAltea
a view of the ocean from a roof top in an old town by the sea
Instagram photo by @mrtali
an aerial view of some white buildings and the ocean in the backgrouds
Instagram photo by @danielolmoboronat
there are many steps that lead up to the top of this building and down them
Beautiful alleys to get lost in around the old parts of #Altea. by @MarcusKrogdahl @waltrapa #enjoyaltea
a view of the ocean from a hotel room window at night with palm trees and street lights
Utsikt från fasters balkong #altea @cramen71
an empty walkway next to the ocean with palm trees on either side and mountains in the distance
Miradores de Altea.