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an intricately designed piece of paper with blue and white swirls on the side
Modern Times
a colorful hummingbird with swirls and bubbles on it's wings is mounted to the wall
Dopo aver letto questo, non metterete più la CARTA IGIENICA sulla tavoletta del WC. Mai più.
a paper cut out of a rainbow colored unicorn's head
10 manualidades con unicornios muy (muy) coloridas
a card with flowers and pearls in the shape of a heart
Życzenia ślubne
the letter r is made up of metal beads and flowers on a white background with blue accents
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a piece of paper with pink flowers and letters
green and white flowers made out of paper on a wall in the shape of an ornament
Quilling by pinterzsu on DeviantArt