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Креативная покраска 👨🏻‍🎨
an old painting with trees and people in it
All About The Exquisite, Enigmatic Art of Grisaille
a swing hanging from a tree in the grass
Simple Luxuries.....Decorating With Swings
How to add texture to furniture. Stripes on furniture .
Dresser Makeover with WoodUbend, Posh Chalk Pigments, Decoupage & Magic Paint
Трафареты для декора. Обучение декоративной штукатурке
Трафаретная роспись
making encaustic fine art
how to paint with beeswax; studio facetime lessons
LED Artist Tracing Table 😍
LED Artist Tracing Table 😍 Take your drawings to the next level with this versatile LED Artist Tracing Table. Whether you're a professional artist or an amateur who just LOVES to draw, this tracing table with back-lit background makes it incredibly easy to trace drawings or add to existing works. Currently 50% OFF with FREE Shipping!
applying gold leaf to encaustic art
burnish onto wax with these tips. facetime lessons now available.
One minute painting small circles
Here's a brief video highlighting the process of painting small circles with acrylic paint on canvas.
The Art of Painting Small Circles
This is a short video highlighting the meditative and repetitious nature of my artwork. The process of painting small circles with acrylic paint on canvas in repeated layers is a long but satisfying journey.