Tomoko Sakumoto Ceramics

No idea what these are but I love them // Tomoko Sakumoto Ceramics

Pleat box by Apparatu & Mashallah -

Marset - Pleat Box ceramic & craft suspension lighting by Xavier Mañosa from Apparatu & Mashallah

bucket light

‘Ewiger Lauf’ by Rolf Sachs. Courtesy of Rolf Sachs / Daniel Martinek Ammann gallery.

Making an overdose of prisms but here i forgive. Well used geometry, elegant.    -Union Suiza Vases by Martin Azua-

Union Suiza Vases by Martin Azua

Martin Azua’s beautifully geometric Union Suiza vases? Awesomely angular and multi-faceted, these gorgeous vases are works of art with or without flowers.

Pitcher by Tijmen Smeulders

Milan 2014: Ventura Lambrate

Milan Ventura Lambrate in news events home furnishings art Category

yasha butler ceramics: Lithic

yasha butler ceramics: Lithic

in love ceramic vases clay art vessel pottery artist Yasha Butler Lithic

Markku Salo - Available: serial production

Markku Salo - Available: serial production Diiva-glassware. Left: champagne, narrow, and champagne, shallow

Benjamin Hubert has designed a series of terracotta pots that are glazed on the inside and have lids made of soft silicone

Danish manufactuer Menu has collaborated with Benjamin Hubert to create a collection of sculptural and functional objects called “Pots”. They are made of terracotta and have silicone lids. The vessels are multi-functional and but are (…) Read


Dent Lamp by Skrivo