Ornament Tree   using some small vintage ornament hooks, Big ornaments. Little ornaments, arranging and rearranging, This is going to be around for forever with just a little minor fussing to rotate in new vintage ornaments.

Introducing My Ornament Tree

Vintage ornament tree on a refurbished screen door. I love the idea of putting a frame up and changing the contents based on the holiday/season

Washi Tape Card Tree | Create a holiday atmosphere without dragging a fir into the living room using washi tape, string, a tinsel garland, tacks, a red glitter star from Target and IKEA Riktig clips.

Washi Tree

Christmas on a budget with a mess Washi Christmas Card Tree - Card, Christmas, Tree, Washi Tape

A side of an IVAR storage unit is used as a large frame for a DIY Christmas tree made from holiday ornaments.

5 Ways to Revamp the Christmas Tree

Sometimes a tree doesn’t have to be a tree at all. We used the side unit of an IVAR storage unit as a frame, created a ladder effect with string, and outlined a tree shape with some favourite ornaments.

branch tree and baubles


DIY Stick Christmas Tree Craft I like the sticks, not the ornaments


Original Driftwood Christmas Tree On Canvas. I'd love to do this with Lake MI driftwood.

Wooden Christmas Tree DIY ~30"  28"   26"  22"   18"  14"   10"   6"

Wooden Christmas Tree DIY ~30" 28" 26" 22" 18" 14" 10" 6"

5 DIY Christmas Trees

5 DIY Christmas Trees

Such a beautiful idea! Instead of a traditional tree I can make a holiday family picture tree

Tumblr Inspired DIY Christmas - A Little Craft In Your DayA Little Craft In Your Day

Tumblr Inspired DIY Christmas

25 Extraordinary Christmas Trees Designed To Make Yours (& Mine) Look Ordinary