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Clementine will remember by on @deviantART

Inspired by the ending sequence between Lee and Clementine of the Walking Dead game. And most definitely, without a doubt fueled by this particular song. Clementine will remember

"Stay Close To Me" twdg Season 1. The Walking Dead (Telltale Game) Lee Everett and Clementine

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Ellie is fourteen and has no power, sometime she get emotional but other then that she's always happy!

heres the thing - Ava (Jane and Sam's daughter) looks quite similar to Ellie Williams from The Last of Us. They do have many differences but if Ava was mo-capped and put ingame, shed be quite similar to Ellie.

Ellie, The Last of Us.

"Do you even know what it is to experience true fear of death, child?" the stranger asked. Rachel opened her mouth to reply, but no answer came. "No," she eventually managed to whisper, "I am not familiar with that fear.

Backpacks - The Last of Us by Kevin Haag. Their backpacks are so iconic. At least to me... :p

♡ oh my lord this takes me back to where Joel finds Ellie's backpack in David's meat locker shit thing ♡