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Scar by CTRLNL ~ Fullmetal Alchemist

Pencil and Photoshop hours First digidrawing, so the last part took me quite some time :] Scar, my favourite FMA character during his battle with Ed.

I think it's pretty neat how habits like this were also shown in Near because it reminds me that Near is an extension of L, and that shows Light exactly who he continues to fight.<<<near and mello were supposed to be L's children but decided not to

Baby Chimpanzee - big stretch...

its so sad what we (humans) do to these intelligent loving creatures, please stop buying products that still do animal testing PLEASE,PLEASE, PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU.

Soul Eater ~~~ Death the Kid quote!!!! :D

Soul Eater ~~~ Death the Kid quote! :D - mess with kid saying that no one is perfect, well then better say goodbye to your loved ones, cuz you just got a death wish