tante gonne!!

Cross between fishermen's pants and a wrap around skirt. Like the tie at the side, not the middle. Now if it were possible to sneak have pockets in there.maybe hidden pockets inside the wrap? Have to be careful not to ruin the strong simple lines.

Юбка с запахом | Кому подходит и с чем носить юбку с запахом

С чем носить юбку с запахом. Как выбрать свою модель.

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A selection of patterns in the style of boho / Simple patterns / hands - patterns, alteration of clothing, interior decoration with their hands - on Second Street



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БОХО-стиль. Казахстан — Lizard comfort style | OK.RU

БОХО-стиль. Казахстан — Lizard comfort style | OK.RU