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Islamic art artifacts

Islamic art - Islamic glass
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Islamic glass bottle, Iran, 12th-13th century A.D. Honey-gold in color, mold-blown, the bulbous body decorated with scrolling motifs, the long slightly tapering cylindrical neck with applied spiral trail, 23.8 cm high. Private collection

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Islamic marble Umayyad capital, Caliphate period, 9th century A.D. The base is adorned with short chained stems that form with the foliage surmounting them, sort of a stylized tapering leaf. Long chained stems cover the first register and are surrounded by a characteristic crowned comma pattern. The second register is composed of a crossed lyre-shaped pattern. The volutes are formed by a foliate stem that frames a quadrilobed flower nestled within the spiral, 29 cm high. Private collection

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Islamic green glass double balsamarium in the form of a camel, 7th-9th century A.D. The double cylindrical compartmented body decorated with an applied spiral trail, emerging from the back of camel with pointed muzzle, alert ears and drooping tail, 9.4 cm high. Private collection

Nishapur glass bottle, Iran,12th century A.D. Blue in color, mold-blown, the globular body decorated, the long tapering neck with an applied wavy trail around base, 24 cm high. Private collection

Islamic glass bottle, Iran, 11th-12th century A.D. Pale yellow green in color, free blown, the globular body with a long cylindrical neck tapering toward the everted rim, bulging below, with a splayed hollow ring foot, the body decorated with four raised blue rosettes, each leading to a conical internal trapped thread, an applied blue wavy trail around the base of the neck, 24.5 cm high. Private collection

Islamic bronze incense burner in the shape of a feline, 11th century A.D. 27 cm high. Private colelction

Umayyad or Abbasid bronze ewer with carved decoration, Persia, circa 8th century A.D. The pear-shaped body with thin ribbed neck and flattened rim designed as two birds, the curved handle with dragon-head terminal and rising palmette thumbpiece, chiselled with foliate scrolls around a central split-palmette issuing a lotus bud with engraved details, 27 cm high. Private collection

Islamic glass bottle, 9th–10th century A.D. Iran. Glass, colorless with yellowish tinge, blown, cut, 16.5 cm high. Metropolitan museum of art