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Cypro Geometric kylix with flying bird, Cypro Geometric III, 850-750 B.C. Kylix with twin upturned handles, the exterior ornamented with broad bands of black and red on the body, a flying bird in between narrow vertical lines on both sides the interior with narrow concentric bands, 11.6 cm high. Private collection


Cypriot terracotta kantharos in ahspe of monkey head, archaic period, mid-6th century B.C. 14.6 cm high. Metropolitan museum of art


Cypriot archaic bichrome jug, 750-600 B.C. Round body with ring foot, tubular neck heavily constricted with wide mouth with squared rim, circular handle on side. The sides of the vessel are decorated with concentric bands in dark brown and red slip, a red net device in between, 24 cm high. Private collection

Cypriot red polished ware juglet, Early Cypriot III-Middle Cypriot I, 1900-1650 B.C. Decorated with glossy red slip and bands of incised decoration, body is piriform in shape with narrow neck and widely flared mouth with single loop handle, 15.8 cm high. Private collection

Cypriot bichrome ware jug, Cypro-Archaic period, 750-600 B.C. With trefoil lip and double strap handle, the globular body decorated with circular lines and multiple concentric circles, on ring foot, 36.5 cm high. Private collection

Cypriot jug, 750-600 B.C Ovoid one handled jug without stand, bichrome IV ware with red and black concentric circles, 23.4 cm high. Private collection

Cypriot kylix, Bichrome IV period 7th century B.C. The scene represents a winged he-goat sniffing a bird-flower, representations are full of humour and spirit in keeping with the Cypriot character of the period. The artist has given a certain free rein to his imagination for his painted decoration is light and airy and his goats have flowers with birds' eyes either growing out of or appearing from behind their wings, 15.5 cm high. George Ortiz collection

Cypriot bichrome ware amphora, Cypro-Archaic, 750-600 B.C. The flaring neck decorated with encircling crimson and umber bands and a band of repeated concentric circles, the piriform body with upturned handles decorated with parallel bands and concentric circles, 48 cm high. Private collection