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Cypriot art artifacts

Cypriot art - Cypriot votary - Cypriot figurine
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Cypriot female idol suckling a child, late Bronze Age, 1450 - 1200 B.C. Represents a standing nude woman rather squat proportions still recall those of the steatopygic women from the Neolithic period, specially because of the hips broad contour and generous buttocks, 18,5 cm high. Private collection


Ceremonial bronze stand, possibly Kourion, Cyprus, 13th-12th century B.C. Shows a man carrying an oxhide ingot towards a tree, and another playing a lyre, hints at close relationship betwen copper production and elite ritual on Cyprus. British Museum


Cypriot limestone dancing Maenad, late 6th-early 5th century B.C. The sinuous figure clad in a finely pleated chiton and himation with swallow tail folds along the edge, her body portrayed in an S shape in movement, holding a krotalon castanet in her right hand, adorned with a bracelet, her hair arranged in snail like curls across her forehead, 17.8 cm high. Private collection


Cypriot bronze wheeled stand for a vessel, 1250 B.C.-1100 B.C. With figural scenes on the side panels and an animal frieze on the ring, some parts case in the lost wax technique, others are mould cast and hammered, the panels show a seated lyre player approached by a musician and a serving boy, a winged sphinx; a lion gripping a water bird by its neck and a chariot, 29 cm high. British Museum


Cypriot terracotta chariot group, Cypro-Archaic, 7th - 5th century B.C. Pulled by four horses, the chariot with two male figures, one wearing a conical headdress and the other wrapped headdress, both figures with arms clasped before them and each with detailed facial features, 12 cm high. Private collection

Cypriot limestone Kore, Archaic period, early 6th century B.C. Standing with her feet together, her left arm straight at her side, her right arm bent acutely, holding an attribute, possibly a flower, in her right hand against her chest, wearing a long straight robe with red detail, and a beaded necklace with a central pendant, her hair pulled back, adorned with a red stephane, her face with bulging almond-shaped eyes and a small smiling red mouth, 28.7 cm high. Private collection

Cypriot horse and rider, Cypro-archaic, 750-600 B.C. Bichrome ware, the bearded rider wearing high truncated headdress, his arms forward clinging onto the horse's stiff upright mane, the horse with tapered legs and muzzle, with red and black painted decoration, 17.7 cm high. Private collection

Cypriot limestone head of a Kore, circa late 6th Century B.C. Wearing a chiton, concave disk earrings, and high crested stephane, her deeply grooved hair radiating from the crown, parted above the forehead, and falling in a long unworked mass over the back, three wavy tresses escaping onto her left shoulder, 15.3 cm high. Private collection

Cypriot limestone male head, early 6th century B.C. Likely from a votary statue, wearing a conical helmet peaked at the crown, his face with sharp arching brows merging with the bridge of the pointed nose, the large almond-shaped eyes with thick lids, the small mouth with pursed lips, his hair falling behind his ears in a mass along his neck, and with a long spade-shaped beard, 26 cm high. Private collection

Cypriot terracotta rider and two horses, 6th century B.C. The horses with conjoined inner fore and hind legs, and ridged manes, the horseman grasping the manes with both hands, with details in added black, green and red, 12 cm high. Private collection