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Roman republican helmet, Roman legionary’s helmet of the Montefortino/ Buggenum type, 1st century B.C.-1st century A.D.

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East Celtic iron helmet, 3rd/2nd century B.C. Iron skull hammered in one piece. Riveted crest plate with rod-shaped support for the helmet decoration. Neck-guard set-off by an embossed shoulder. The sides with large, riveted cheek piece hinges. The attached cheek pieces with three ornamental bosses each. Height 34 cm. Private collection, from Hermann Historica auction

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Roman helmet, Montefortino/Buggenum/Hagenau type, 1st century B.C. - 1st century A.D. An embossed inscription "ALON" on the inside of the neck protector, either it is the shortened form of a personal name such as "Alonius". Extremely rare helmet from the transition period to the late Augustinian, 15,6 cm high Private collection, from Hermann Historica auction

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Roman legionary's helmet of the Montefortino/Buggenum type, 1st century A.D. Cast and embossed bronze, retaining much of its silver-colored white metal plating (tin-plating). Hemispherical skull with a stud-shaped top knob. Perforated neck protector slightly sloping, with reinforcement bulges on the rim. These also trim the rest of the helmet. Perforated cheek pieces on the sides with double-pinned hinges, 34 cm high. Private collection, from Hermann Historica auction

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Agen Port helmet, 1st century B.C., from Giubiasco Ticino, Switzerland

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Montefortino helmet, worn by legionnaires from the first Punic war, recovered from a wreck of the coast of Tunisia

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Montefortino helmet, 4th century B.C. Private collection

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Montefortino helmet of Robinson's type D, 2nd-1st century B.C. 15,6 cm high. Found in Sisak, Croatia Arheološki muzej u Zagrebu

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Late Celtic helmet, 1st century B.C. Bronze calotte made in one piece with a surrounding brim, reinforcement ridges on the left and right front above the forehead, and traces where a large U-shaped overlay used to be soldered to the calotte. Additional reinforcement ridges above each other at the nape of the neck. Traces of solder used to attach helmet decoration. Height 14 cm. Private collection, from Hermann Historica auction

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Montefortino helmet, 350-300 B.C. Higgins Armory museum

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