Andrea Canessa

Andrea Canessa

Riviera Ligure di Ponente / Italy / • F1 Lover #Seb5 • Graphic designer and web marketer (well..a sort of..) • Crazy person.
Andrea Canessa
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1966 Ferrari 330 P3 Targa Florio

Targa Florio, Nino Vaccarella/Lorenzo Bandini (Ferrari on the Little Madonie Circuit during the Targa Florio.

Singer Porsche 911 Targa – We love Singer. Frankly, if you're a Porsche guy, or just a car guy, and have seen any of the Porsche that have been restored and "reimagined" by the Californian company, you probably do too. So you can imagine our e


Chris Amon’s Ferrari at the 1968 British Grand Prix. Amon wasn’t known for his luck, and his car would seem to have gotten luckier than Chris that day… But he did come in second at the …

Paul Hawkins crashes into Monaco harbour during the 1965 Grand Prix

Monaco GP, 1965 🇮🇩 Paul Hawkins crashes the barriers and plunges into Monaco harbor. The only driver with Alberto Ascari two ever do that. Like his Italian predecessor, he bobbed up and survived, while his Lotus sank to the bottom.