Valentina Rosselli by Guido Crepax

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Louise Brooks

1927 — American actress Louise Brooks – wearing a frilly dress with a large G on the front for the film “Now We’re In The Air.” — Photo by Eugene Robert Richee

Valentina Au Debotte . comic book by Guido Crepax

Valentina was created by Italian comic-strip artist, Guido Crepax in She is a sexy photographer with a black short bob haircut inspire.

The couch...

Brussells-based artist Gilles Vranckx was born with a pencil in hand. He studied graphic design, animation and comic art. His influences range from Ashley wood, Kent Williams, Mike Allred, to Rene …

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Valentina-Guido Crepax

Guido Crepax based his character Valentina on his correspondence with Louise Brooks