Out-takes and Humor / Foto scartate....e Umorismo

Pictures don't always come out as you expect / Foto non vengono sempre fuori come pensi....
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Manuel: Stand still! she's taking our picture! Frieda: (yawn) This is BO-RINGGGGG. / Manuel: stai ferma per la foto! Frieda: (sbadigliando) CHE NOIAAAAA

Rubber-face dog .FACCIA DI GOMMA!

Terrence: *yawnnnnnnn* Posing for pictures is sooooooo boring! / Posare per foto e' cosi noiosoooooooooo

Oh nooooooooooooooooo! You mean I'm adopted???!!!!!! / Noooooooo!!!! Sono adottata??????!!!! ;)

Titti says, "Shhhhhh! I'm dreaming of a home!"

Peggy: Did you hear? The TV is here! Maybe they're looking for a pup model. Bea: Yeah, right....

Ringo and Mamy

Beethoven: Hey Gozzo, what about these babes we've got here! Gozzo: Beethoven, It's the allure of a silver fox!

Artu... WHAT DID YOU SAY???!!!! ? COSA HAI DETTO???!!!! ;)

Some ears you've got there, Ken! / Che orecchie, Ken!

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