tombolo chiacchierino

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the earrings are made with black thread and beaded in silver metal, on a white background
Komplet kolczyki i bransoletka i wzór (Jewelry set earrings and bracelet and pattern)
two white doily on top of a feather
a close up of a wreath on a door with leaves and flowers in the background
Papierolki: "Nie anioł stróż"
several different types of bracelets on a white table cloth with pink and blue trim
Coroncina a chiacchierino e la scatolina
an ornament hanging from a christmas tree with the words, crochet on it
Nie zdążyłam
an ornament made out of white lace on a marble surface with the words jolimama above it
a necklace with pearls, beads and a butterfly on it's back end is shown
Gabriel, miniangelo
the front cover of a book with an image of a circular doily on it
Free pattern
a white lace doily with flowers on it sitting on top of a tile floor
Ecco le mie confettate