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people are walking on the beach next to the water and rocks in the ocean,
Costa Vicentina - Portugal's wild coast
the eiffel tower is seen in the distance from an apartment building with cars parked on the street
P I N T E R E S T: yvonnesouthern
a man holding an umbrella over his head while standing next to a street sign with palm trees in the background
Khloe Kardashian
This way.
a camera with a map on it
So spoke the earth-walker,
hopeless adventurer
many photographs are hanging on the wall
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polaroids / scrap booking of someone's life; persona-ish way of telling how someone used O&D throughout time?
an airplane flying in the sky with words written below it that says up in the clouds on my way to unknown things
Illustrated Interview with Wasted Rita - IGNANT
Illustrated Interview with Wasted Rita |
an illustrated map of the uk with all its major cities and their respective locations in blue
Image is not available right now
TOUCH questa immagine: Magical Britain by Lottie Norman
fun top 10 list | indie fixx Instagram, Organisation, Life Lessons, Happiness, Ideas, Feelings, Mindfulness, Things To Do
10 Things: 10 Ways to Be Everyday Creative - Indie Fixx
fun top 10 list | indie fixx
a hand drawn poster with instructions on how to wander and how to start the day
From the wonderful keri smith - a great primer on following your desires.
an old handwritten note with writing on it that says, how to be an explorer
Writing Manifestos I Love - creative writing blog
Keri Smith: how to be an explorer of the world
many different types of compasss on a table with one pointing to the right and another looking down
petites et grandes boussoles