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the inside of a building with glass walls and wood roofing on it's sides
Keereetara Restaurant / IDIN Architects
Keereetara is a brand-new restaurant intended as a replacement for its original branch located nearby. The restaurant itself is one of the most popular and successful Thai restaurants in Kanchanaburi, so the owner decided to maintain a sense of the traditional Thai style reflected in the building that links to the Thai dishes served. Due to its small property size, especially when compared to the required functions of a major restaurant branch, the restaurant needs to be able to support large-sc
an escalator in the middle of a building with stairs leading up to it
Studio Ma creates an Arizona museum with walls made of textured concrete
a concrete bench sitting in the middle of a lush green park with lots of palm trees
Gallery of Concrete Architecture: 20 Outstanding Projects in Mexico - 8
an outdoor shower surrounded by trees and rocks
The Bali Home Bordering the Jungle — Design Anthology
The Bali Home Bordering the Jungle — Design Anthology