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the wedding stationery is laid out and ready to be put into their guests'envelopes
papeterie originale mariage | edgy and chic #wedding palette & colour blocking
three different types of metal and wood fan
Thomas Elliott Burns
Mistral - Thomas Elliott Burns and Katarzyna Kempa
a green metal object with an oval handle
Industrial Design Trends, Online Courses and Jobs - leManoosh
two hands holding each other with the letter v on it's back and yellow background
Dix définitions de la poésie par dix poètes - école petite section
« La poésie, on ne sait pas ce que c’est, mais on la reconnaît quand on la rencontre. » Jean L’Anselme « La poésie est un monde enfermé dans un homme. » Victor Hugo « La poésie, c’est ce qu’on rêve, ce qu’on imagine, ce qu’on désire et ce qui arrive,...
a woman with her arms behind her head in front of a white background and colorful lines
Operating Systems
Well, I kinda still like these body plus graphic shape (or type) kind of designs...
mangos are arranged on a black surface with the word mango written in white above them
Its Hard Not to Feel Like a Goddess When You're Sipping on Mango Nectar #FindYourGarden
the color scheme is green and gray
Design Seeds
SW7652 Mineral Deposit, SW6993 Black of Night, SW6207 Retreat, SW6213 Halcyon Green, SW6187 Rosemary
a person holding a pencil in front of an open book with butterflies on it and dragonflies
Woodland moths, which is your fave? 🦋🍂🌙
an animal with spots on it's body is shown in the shape of a cat
Print Edition: October 2018 - Design Crush
Print Edition: October 2018
this is an image of a group of people in watercolor and ink on paper
Mary Klundt 2/2. I really like the colors that are used in this piece as well as the elementary illustration that was added in. I think that this communicates a sense of blending as well as individualism in how the illustrations and colors are complementing each other, but not one person is the same here.
a man standing in front of a sandwich shop on a city street next to a red bench
I Found the Best Burger Place in America. And Then I Killed It.