Coni portariso

In questa Bacheca oltre ai portariso da me realizzati, ho raccolto le idee che piú mi piacciono per i portariso per un matrimonio
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Post sui portariso
two paper animals are sitting on some white eggs
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Post sui portariso
there are two cones with bows on top of some white balls in a bowl filled with eggs
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Post sui portariso
there are two green paper cones on top of white balls with black ribbons around them
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Post sui portariso
a basket filled with lots of white plates covered in writing
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Post sui portariso
two brown paper bags with green bows on them sitting on a wooden floor next to each other
Sacchetti Carta Craft portaconfetti o portariso per cerimonie - Small Wedding bag for almond or rice.
a bowl filled with lots of writing on top of a blue cloth covered tablecloth
A Romantic, Whimsical Destination Wedding in Ireland
Toss with Felicity / Stamped paper packets of rice were on hand to toss over the newlyweds and sent an unmistakably cheerful message. "Creating a feeling of merriment was very important to us," Corbin says.
four wine corks with name tags tied to them
Styled Shoot in Sonoma: Gorgeous Fall Inspiration
A glittery sendoff.
a person is holding a small brown paper box with a bow on the front and side
Bustine portariso, confetti e ciò che volete!
some old book pages are in a basket
coni porta riso
a folded pink paper with a ribbon on it
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cono portariso
many rolls of paper are stacked on top of each other in the shape of hearts
Little heart-shaped confetti.
there are many pieces of paper with butterfly decorations on them, and one piece is folded in the shape of a boat
Coni porta riso o confetti..color avorio e rosa
Maybe with lace doilies and pink bows, for the cotton candy?
a person holding an envelope with lace on it and a bow tied around the top