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two people are sitting on the bank of a river
Golden days
a painting of a woman sitting on a bench in the woods reading a book with words that read happiness when reading
“Tanto tu sei forte”…
Please follow me
a painting of two people in a field with trees and clouds behind them, one laying on the ground
JärvenpäänTaidemuseo (@JpaanTaidemuseo) / Twitter
how to make brown paint a complete guide
Need to Make Brown Paint? A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners
Colourful gouache painting. A woman sitting and reading a book under a big tree. Feels like summer, soft blue skies ang green grass and flowers. Texture, Character Design, Pastel, Gouache, Pride, Background
Gouache painting 🌿 Pride and Prejudice
Gouache painting inspired by Pride and Prejudice. Materials: gouache, pan pastels, coloured pencils. Mixed media art.
Drawing Tips, Reference
Road Less Traveled | Original Oil Painting
When there is light, everything has color.