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a black and white photo of a man with a cross on his chest, in front of a stone wall
an old man with white hair wearing a black scarf
an older man in a priest's outfit with a quote on it that says, se non si crede alla vita altera non comprenale
a man with a beard wearing a hoodie and looking up at the camera, in front of a quote from pope pio
an image of jesus holding flowers in his hands with the words st dice che glaseepe abbia auto una l'imenti foli
L’antica preghiera a San Giuseppe che non ha mai fallito
L’antica preghiere a San Giuseppe che non ha mai fallito
an image of a woman reading a book with the words supplicaa a santa rita, avocata dei disperti, perferia, pererre una grati
Ti prego Santa Rita, avvocata dei casi disperati
Supplica a Santa Rita avvocata dei casi impossibili per chiedere una grazia.
a poem written in green and white with an image of a woman
Vieni Spirito Santo, guidami proteggimi sgombera la mia mente affinché possa pregare..
an image of a nun holding a cross with the words, cuore di luce
a piece of paper that has some writing on it with words in spanish and english
a card with an image of a heart and the words in spanish are written on it
a poem written in spanish with two hands holding each other
an image of the virgin mary and child jesus in black and white with spanish text
the back cover of an italian book with words in english and spanish on white paper
a sign that is on the side of a building with flowers in it and spanish text