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(Source) Name: Bruce WayneBirthdate: February 19Sun Sign: Pisces

fictional-history: “DC Comics (Source) Name: Bruce Wayne Birthdate: February 19 Sun Sign: Pisces, the Fish ” wow well happy birthday - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on s

October 13th, Batman fights Joke for the first time (not sure if they mean issue or day in the story, or what).

October 13 Batman's first clash with the Joker comic book movie fictional character this day in fictional history original issue appearance Hero villain

"Batman investigates his first case." (Source)

On this day in fictional just finished snowing and while wrapping up a burglar in tissue paper .a mother was in labor in the gritty bronx. The Tree Ninja was born. To those that will know him and love him he will be dearly known as Monkey.