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Cookie jar empty? These cookie recipes will inspire you to fill it up with tasty takes on chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, no-bake cookies, and the best…
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Gochujang Caramel Cookies Recipe
These gochujang caramel cookies, adapted from a sugar cookie marbled with Korean chili paste and invented by cookie genius Eric Kim of the New York Times, are spicy-sweet, savory, and have the perfect chewy texture.
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cookies with white chocolate chips are cut in half on a marble countertop, and one cookie has been eaten
White Chip Chocolate Cookies Recipe
This white chocolate chip cookie recipe is quick and easy to make. It produces a large batch of chocolaty cookies studded with sweet milky morsels.
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Old Fashioned Butter Cookies with Butter Frosting
Old-fashioned cut-out cookies have a rich, buttery frosting. This recipe makes a big batch.
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several cinnamon rolls with icing on top of them sitting on a baking sheet, ready to be eaten
Cinnamon Roll Cookies
These cinnamon roll cookies are reminiscent of a classic cinnamon roll with cream cheese icing! Perfect for quick and easy, cozy cookies.
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Scottish Shortbread IV
The most basic but necessary cookie to have in your recipe box! Three ingredients are all you need to make this easy treat.
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Funfetti Thumbprint Cookies
Thumbprint cookies feature funfetti rainbow sprinkles in the cookie dough, and more sprinkles on top of the white chocolate ganache filling. They are sure to brighten up anyone’s day.
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purple and yellow cookies on a white plate with blueberries in the backgroud
Lemon Blueberry Icebox Cookies
These slice-and-bake cookies made of lemon dough marbled with wild blueberry dough not only look pretty, but taste great, too.
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Crushed Pineapple and Coconut Cookies
Full of sweet tropical flavor and tons of texture, these crushed pineapple and coconut cookies are an easy treat.
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Peanut Butter M&M Cookies
Try these peanut butter M&M cookies for a quick and easy treat. #dessertrecipes#dessertideas#dessertdishes#sweettreats
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No-Sugar-Added Oatmeal Cookies
Low in sugar, these oatmeal cookies sweetened with only applesauce, bananas, and raisins are still sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. #cookie #cookierecipes #cookies #dessertdishes #dessertideas #dessertrecipes
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Low-Sugar Date Brownies
In these low-sugar date brownies, dates are used in place of sugar which makes for a very fudgy and chocolaty-tasting brownie. #cookie #cookierecipes #cookies #dessertdishes #dessertideas #dessertrecipes
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TikTok Brownies
Get the recipe for the incredibly easy, six-ingredient brownies you've seen in the TikTok comments. #cookie #cookierecipes #cookies #dessertdishes #dessertideas #dessertrecipes
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Sitting Pretty Cookies
A simple Christmas cookie rolled in nuts and topped with white frosting and a chocolate-coated peanut. #cookie #cookierecipes #cookies #dessertdishes #dessertideas #dessertrecipes
decorated christmas trees and cookies on a sheet of tin foil, ready to be baked
Christmas Tree Cookies
This is great dessert when you are having company. They are in the shapes of Christmas trees. Use green and red sprinkles and any kind of frosting to decorate. #cookie #cookierecipes #cookies #dessertdishes #dessertideas #dessertrecipes
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Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies
These pecan thumbprint cookies filled with raspberry jam are buttery and delicious. They remind me of a miniature pie in flavor and looks. They are a delicious cookie any time of the year, but especially perfect for the holiday season. #cookie #cookierecipes #cookies #dessertdishes #dessertideas #dessertrecipes