The final result is just ameazing

I would do this activity to expose children to the different types of leaves and what they look like and their shapes. I will also use it to teach them about different trees and introduce them to using comparison (big vs small)

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Decorazioni autunnali per finestre - Decorazioni autunnali di carta

Le pareti della cameretta dei vostri bambini sono troppo anonime e spoglie? Vorreste ravvivarle con qualcosa di allegro e divertente, ma, non sapete cosa? Se siete alla ricerca di idee semplici ed economiche per decorare la cameretta e amate il … Continua

Create a wall size tree from white cardstock paper, assemble the trunk and branches on a prominent wall. Trace and cut different shapes of leaves from craft paper. Place the leaves and a few silver pens on a small table nearby.