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Harvest Life | Nature's beauty

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Beautiful grape harvest photos from all of the Allegrini Estates

San Polo

La svinatura del Brunello Riserva. 16.10.2013

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Il Rubio 2013, ora vino a tutti gli effetti. 14.10.2013

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San Polo

Il Brunello inizia l'affinamento nei tonneaux. 18.10.2013

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2015 promises to be a memorable vintage. Here you see the modern grape-drying facility called "Terre di Fumane", where grapes are laid out to rest before being used to make Amarone and Recioto. #Amarone #Allegrini #Recioto #wine #grape #Valpolicella

Thank you to all of Allegrini's friends, family, and staff, for making Harvest 2014 such a success!

Selection during harvest is intense. One must only pick the very best grapes for #Allegrini wines. All picking is done by hand.

Carefully placing the just harvested grapes.

A special guest in our San Polo Vineyard. We make sure that #nature has room to thrive.

Villa della Torre

The staff of Allegrini Estates, Villa Della TorreLo staff di Allegrini. 21.10.2013

Poggio al Tesoro

Lo staff di Poggio al Tesoro. 21.10.2013