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Welcome to Chao-Studios!
Welcome to Chao-Studios!
an image of several different colored pokemons in the grass with trees and balls behind them
Sonic Team, It's Time To Bring Back The Chao Gardens - The Sonic Stadium
sonic the hedgehog and shadow the hedgehog in mario kart wii video game
Gracive the happy shadow chao by DarkMetaller on DeviantArt
three different colored pokemons in the snow with blue and red decorations behind them,
two cartoon characters are playing with each other
Welcome to Chao-Studios!
an animal is playing with some balls in the grass
Welcome to Chao-Studios!
So...chao garden...why did Sonic Team just give up on this concept?
two cartoon characters are standing in the grass with hearts flying above them and one is looking at another character
Welcome to Chao-Studios!
a cartoon character sitting on the ground in front of some rocks
Tails Enthusiast
an animated character sitting on the ground in front of a ball and another animal standing next to it
esos son reebok o son nike ✧ on Twitter