lovely patinated metal work

Concept Modeling For Metallic Sculpture : – Picture : – Description lovely patinated metal work…great room divider idea!


Laser cutting ornamental screen - would make for an amazing room divider - pick a pattern to match your home.

Rope room divider

DIY: Rope Room Divider by Alwill in Australia : Here's a clever idea for a room divider from Sidney-based Alwill Studio: a simple rope screen made with two wooden dowels.

Open Bookshelves: Need tons of shelf space but don’t want to lose natural light at your desk? These open bookshelves and "floating" desk space is perfect! Especially to create a large room partition and make 2 spaces!

room divider

Ranch Lite is the second iteration of Hufft Projects’ renovation of a mid-century Ranch style house. Much like its predecessor, Modern with Ranch, Ranch Lite


16 Most Creative and Unique Bookshelves

A bookcase or bookshelf , is a piece of furniture, almost always with horizontal shelves, used to store books. A bookcase consists of a un.

beautiful room divider

Inspired By Creatives Living In Berlin

lovely room divider at Berlin-based fashion designer Esther Perbandt's studio Uranus- top shelf.

Award wining decorative room partition screens are developed by Razortooth Design. The Modulari Screen system is awesome because it’s modern, modular and expandable

MODULARI screen by Razortooth Design. A wide array of lacy cascading panels that can be used as room dividers, curtains, or anywhere you need a bit of a screen.

The living area screen is by Peter Lane, and the rug is by Rosemary Hallgarten.    Photographer: Jason Schmidt

A MOD DIVIDER In a Manhattan apartment designed by Robert Couturier, the living area screen is by Peter Lane, and the rug is by Rosemary Hallgarten.


#15 - James & Margaret's Iconic Studio

Room partitions

Taiwan based KC Design Studio completed a project entitled “Tsao residence – room partitions” and consisting of a creative and highly practical apartment renovation. The studio introduced the idea of using rotating partitions to divide four spaces i