More ideas from alinor

Site has tons of beautiful, inspirational pieces to look at. This is sort of what I imagine for Rachel's dress, except the sleeves aren't that big and it would all be just that shade of red/orange.


winter is mild in most parts of lynwoode but the winds of the coast can be biting. this noble wears a very short sleeved velvet gown over her brocade undergown. note the wide sleeves on the undergown - she may even have another simpler gown below that.

Medieval Dress

I'd wear dresses like this all the time if I could. SH: I pretty much agree, although some other historic fashions would be wonderful to wear, too!<---Eleniel wears this kind of thing when she lives in Itlilien.


Camelot - Medieval Gown in a deep, shimmering burgundy velvet. Lots of other awesome medieval style dresses on that site!wow when i saw this i thoight of mother Gothel