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Aliki Yannaki, BUTTERFLY BLUE[S] - THE MUSIC BOUQUET: The Music Bouquet is comprised of origami flowers. Each petal contains lyrics of songs that contain the word blue (or blues) in the title. All of them create this moody blue atmosphere when you listen to them… The origami butterfly has musical notes and keys on its wings playing the part of the Music, the inspiration and the passion entwined in each melody.

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Dina Pugaeva, SPOONS

Titouan Russo, OUTGROWTH

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Gemma Rabionet, TIE BLUMEN: Spiral tie = Blumen

Luba Grudinska, PIGMENT FLOWER

Karima Khalil: In many ways a letter is like a flower, a gift. This stamp-flower evokes a letter's promise...


Anastasia Syvash

Alexia Chandon-Piazza, HEAR BLESSINGS DROPPING THEIR BLOSSOMS AROUND YOU: This is a notebook to write everyday your blossoming blessings, your little joys, and your proud achievements.

Mina Bayat, BLUE FLOWERBRELLAS: first the blue flower born spiritually- then physically it sprouts, opens, and fully blooms - and then finally closes - but through all these phases - these flowers - go through another change as well - so that in the end - the blue flower transforms into a blue umbrella - and therefore in a new form, a new life begins - in the end this blue flower never dies - but goes through transformations - and lives on eternally...