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Mary Shelley knew, mark my words.

Mary Shelley knew, mark my words. // i mean no shit she knew, the memorable character is the creation and the title is frankenstein and by weird human logic the creation must be frankenstein

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The Sherlock fandom its the to smart for its own good insane one. The Supernatural fandom its the funny "How did you do THAT! And the Doctor Who fandom keeps them all together. well we try.

Ways to hold a teacup by Supernatural

Ways to hold a teacup by Supernatural

Dylan Everett as Dean Winchester in Supernatural "Bad Boys." Not gonna lie, I cried during this scene. Props to Dylan for working so hard to bring teen Dean to life, and also just for being a cutie;

That's just John

Wait I thought they killed one when they were kids? But I still actually totally agree with this Headcanon and I still hate John with all my heart.

I Think the Fourth Kind is a Butt Thing

awhhhh :) it was such a natural saying that they didnt even realize what they did<<<<omg it would be soooo cool if Destiel became canon that way.