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a hand embroidered onto a piece of cloth hanging from a white ribbon on a marble surface
I’ve been embroidering their handwriting since the first time Hayes was able to write his name 🥹, but these back to school tees hit… | Instagram
a person ironing an orange and black t - shirt on top of a table
DIY pennants that don’t look DIY
a plate with hot dogs and handprints on it
Fathers Day
a plate that has some food on top of it with paint and markers next to it
Dad's Grill Platter
Lettering tutorial
How to embroider letters with chain stitch
a wallpaper with flowers and leaves on it
Floral Samples
A collection of 10 of our most popular floralremovable wallpaper patterns! Quickly add a sample to your cart. Removable and damage free wallpaper is the answer to your household desires! Our wallpaper is a fun and easy way to make a statement in any room! For those who do not want to make a long-term commitment to a pe