so upside down wow

Young Galaxy + Maura Biava = Shapeshifting's crazy/beautiful underwater mid-metamorphosis moment Young Galaxy: Shapeshifting — THE WORKING CONCEPT for this Montréal foursome’s third record.

mermaids disturbed

The inspiration for mermaids on the beach, taken from pre Disney peterpan film 1924

meteor heart

Earth Rites : Photo Portrait of Heart” by the Austrian Photoshop-artist Christian Schloe. depicting a woman’s heart in fire, although her face and body seem dormant and tranquil

this isn't happiness™ - photo caption contains external link

leisure horse

How do you propose you're going to get a pound horse out of that water with just two men? Hopefully he was just keeping her head afloat. A sad but fascinating photo. I'd like to know the story behind it.

delicate knife

Kyle Bean " Soft Guerilla" A series of weapons made from harmless materials for a feature article centred around the topic of ‘Guerilla Gardening’ and ‘Yarn Bombing’.

the hungry one

O Mon Dieu! A baby albino bat being fed by a bird. This is from a book called "Stellaluna". Mother bat is hit by an owl and baby bat falls into a bird nest. She feeds it bugs like her babies.

round and round it goes

“ The bubble tree design is a structure for nights where a translucent membrane is given the shape of hut or house. A bubble of this membrane seems like a magic or dream space. This bubble tree.


nubbsgalore: “eight baby african spurred tortoises, each weighing about 25 grams, piggyback on their mother, who weighs about grams. photos by attila balazs. see also: baby galapagos tortoise.