Spaceship bottle opener. for all you model making freaks!

Chances are if you have this Star Trek Enterprise bottle opener lying around your home, you probably don t have many female friends coming over for sleepovers.

Bottle opener and USB in a 2n1 micro tool very useful.

USB Bottle Opener Someone actually invited. - USB Bottle Opener “ Someone actually invited you to a party, but you’re not sure what to do to go from being an invisible geek to the life of the party? Break the ice with the USB Bottle Opener!

Forkchops! i would've preferred Sporkchops but :'(. They are a knife and fork in which when you flip them you can use them as chop sticks! even easier though if the chopsticks were stuck together lol

Get the best of both worlds with these chopstick eating utensils. Featuring the advanced chopstick style on one end, and the traditional fork and knife .

Wall Mount bottle opener with a shark out of ice.

Costa Rica Scuba Diving with Sirenas Diving Costa Rica.

Bottle opener on the end of your hat! handy? obv!

Cool home gadgets – Guinness Bottle Opener Baseball Cap – Coolest latest electronic technology gadgets

elephant bottle opener. yeahh buddy!

In Jørgen Møller and his grandchild designed the Elephant bottle opener, which went on to be a global favourite. The design bears the hallmarks of classic Scandinavian technique ?

swiss army knife! boom

Pretty Pocket Protection - The Swiss really know how to bling it on! Who says pocket knives have to be masculine? The snazzy new Swiss Army knives were designed for the woman.

badass bottle key!

It's a well documented fact on Cool Material that - much like boobs - adding a bottle opener to anything instantly makes it better.

Bottle openers in the shape of a grenade, revolver and knuckle dusters.

Beverage-Popping Weaponry The 'Bust a Bottlecap' Opener Tops off Drinks Dangerously

Citrusaw! Bottle opener with a saw to cut limes for all you Corona fans out there!

Bottle opener with a saw to cut limes for all you Corona fans out there!

SpinOff bottle opener!

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Bottle opener in your tie. sneaky!!

Mancessory Cap Poppers

12 Fashionable Top Poppers - From Beer Drinker Bands to Hidden Handyman Belts