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an anime character brushing his teeth in front of a wall with graffiti writing on it
a drawing of a woman with short hair and an earring in her ears is shown
the comic strip shows how people are talking to each other and having fun with each other
luca x alberto comic
luca x alberto comic
a cartoon character sitting on top of a couch with his hand in his mouth and looking at the camera
an image of a cross stitch pattern for a bookmark with the text, color and size guide
Hua Cheng
Heaven official's blessing
a drawing of an anime character with grey hair and blue eyes, wearing a white lab coat
a drawing of a girl with long hair and pink eyes wearing blue shorts, looking to the side
a red speech bubble with the words 1, 000 and an image of a person on it
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an anime character with blue hair wearing a mask and holding her hand up to the side
Dottore || Genshin Impact
I miss the hahas and the hehes and the hohos #genshinimpact #genshin #fanart #dottore #ildottore #fatui #fatuiharbingers #doodle #comic #justasilly
a woman with blonde hair and sunflowers on her face is standing in front of a blue wall
three different colored avatars are shown in this graphic art work, one is holding his hands up to his chest and the other is frowning
a drawing of a person holding their hands up in front of her face and pointing to the side
Practice regularly to improve your skills. Sketching consistently helps in honing your techniques
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