Alessio Saccà

Alessio Saccà

Nulla è reale, tutto è lecito!
Alessio Saccà
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ArtStation - sci fi main - administrative building, Srdjan Pavlovic

This is the final version of concept for a Sci-Fi (futuristic) building. Building should be some kind of main-administrative building for storage complex.

Exclusive: Fascinating ENDER'S GAME Concept Art by Cenay Oekman | RAR Writes

Ender's Game concept art by Cenay Oekman Check out Ender's Game concept art by Cenay Oekman ! Ender's Game was released earlier thi.


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ArtStation - HALO - Narrows reimagined structural studies, Studio Qube

Narrows (a HALO 3 favourite) reimagined for an unfortunately unrealized HALO 4 multiplayer DLC.

Ensemble Says Goodbye With Halo Wars Concept Art

Now that Halo Wars is out the door and Ensemble Studios has gone the way of the dinosaur, former employees of the developer have seen fit to release some of the game's lovely concept art.