Barzelletta sentita a "Tutto esaurito" di radio mio programma preferito

Barzelletta sentita a "Tutto esaurito" di radio mio pro gramma preferito

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More wacky funny pictures & crazy memes Crazy junk filled with wickedly humorous celluloid capturings.

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Quanto è bella l'Italia? Questa foto lo dimostra --- #ridere #ridiamo #humor #satira #umorismo #satirapolitica #sbruffonate #chucknorris

Sometimes I find it more fun to use my imagination! I have been turned on by all of the women whose pictures appear here.

I can eat fifty eggs, what can you do? : Photo

Far from a Cafe bike, but I like Paul Newman so let him on with just a scooter. ( I like scooters also.